Our independence, experience & depth of understanding means we can tailor our approach according to your needs, whether your focus is environmental, financial, heritage or comfort & wellbeing.

We have a particular expertise in upgrading traditional and conservation-grade buildings, and can provide all of the below services to focus on these stock types.

Building physics analysis

Modelling & analysis to ensure energy & moisture performance in buildings (U-values, Psi values, 2D thermal bridge analysis, WUFI hygrothermal simulation)

Energy strategies
Detailed energy & sustainability strategies for new & existing buildings, tailored to individual buildings & clients and balancing detail with context
Design Review

Technical design review; includes detailed design analysis and wider assessment of environmental sustainability, energy performance, comfort & wellbeing, heritage and finance

Guides & Reporting

Holistic Energy & Sustainability Statements, covering all aspects of sustainability and local policy; Technical guides; Research reports

Modelling & Compliance

Energy modelling for analysis & compliance purposes (PHPP, SAP & RdSAP), including 'reality check' assessment to address modelling-vs-reality performance gap


Collaboration with national & international research programmes assessing energy in buildings, from design inception through to installation, use and impacts

Technical Support

Holistic, whole-building technical support and guidance on energy efficiency, renewable energy and wider sustainability options, from light-touch to Certified Passivhaus standard



Development and delivery of standard & bespoke courses, covering all aspects of sustainable energy in existing buildings. Tailored to all levels, from academics and professionals to householders